Monday, July 26, 2010

Spirit Directs the Work........week 63

It was a beautiful week. That is all I could honestly say.

In the mission we find people. It doesn’t matter where, when, how, because the Lord prepares the “who!” We found a lot of people this week through the Spirit. It was a blessing and I feel so grateful.

We began to explore new territory this week looking for new people. In Las Palmas, Managua a vast majority of people has at least some idea about the church because it is the oldest part of Nicaragua to have a church building. But as we strayed away to a different part of the area, we found people that were really interested because they had never been able to hear. We taught one family shortly about how the Lord blesses families and they came to church this week and stayed the three hours. They loved it! We were walking down the street Saturday night when the spirit told us to contact a family and so we did. When we began talking about the Apostasy and the Restoration they were interested and we invited them to church. They came too!

We passed by another lady’s house when the spirit made me ask myself a question “who lives there?” So we talked to her and we found another family that is prepared to receive the gospel. She too came to church. We were excited to feel the spirit working so much with us and we knew that the Lord was giving us these blessings. Despite our imperfections, He blesses us when we are diligent.

He were also able to baptize two families this weekend. I will send photos.

In interviews this week, President Monestel talked with us about personal revelation and I found that as I tried to recognize the spirit this week, I found a lot more success. All of these people that we brought to church were found as a result of recognizing the spirit. If we are trying to the Lord’s work in our own way, we will have little success. But when we follow the spirit we will find the people that the Lord has prepared and we will baptize a ton! I am so grateful to be an instrument in His hands.

I testify that the Lord is intimately involved in this, His work. I know that He prepares people. We just have to find them. May we be in tune to the spirit so that these people can receive the blessings that He has in store for them. I know that this is His church. I have had far too many experiences to deny the direction of the spirit and power of the priesthood. Listen to the still small voice. It often is misunderstood because we aren’t putting our focus on the thing God wants us to. Read 3 Nephi 11 and pay attention particularly to the first few verses and how the change in the attention of the people changes their experience. It will work wonders in your lives.

Elder Grant Russell