Monday, July 12, 2010

Like a Toddler, the Mission begins to Take it's First Steps...We Can Be Obedient and Be Better Every Day.........week 61

There is a strange phenomenon in the mission. Every day is filled with spiritual experiences that we more commonly call miracles. Every night as I go to bed I try to write them down. I do so all week long and then when Monday comes, I try to remember them all and I can´t remember anything. Ha ha, it just becomes one big blur. Let´s see if I can remember a few highlights.

We had our first Multi-zone conference with President Monestel and we met his family. They are great! He is definitely a change from President Fraatz so it will be a good opportunity to learn more and take advantage of his example and spirit. He is a great teacher and really knows how to relate with the missionaries. I look forward to working with him.

Like a toddler, the Nicaragua South Mission is beginning to take its first steps. We are learning in the way and the interesting thing will be to see how the leaders of the mission help the new missionaries to be obedient and hardworking. Many leaders leave in the next few changes so we will have to make the needed changes.

We are planning an activity to help the recent converts and invite new investigators to learn more about baptism and other church functions. We are going to put all the recent converts´ baptismal photos on the big screen so they can remember the big day and we are going to add in a few testimonies too. This Saturday it is scheduled. As a Zone Leader, we work closely with the Stake Presidency to plan the activities. It makes me think a lot about dad and all of the activities he has planned in the last few years in the high council. I know how much dad likes those activities. It is all part of the mission. I get a lot of experience working with church leaders and it is such an opportunity.

This week we had a chance encounter with a member from Las Colinas (Ticuantepe) from my area about a year ago. She told me that all the converts we baptized there are going to church. That made me so happy! I was thrilled to hear that one of the sons of the big family we baptized is preparing to leave on his mission soon. It is quite the experience! Sean, you are in for the experience of your life. The same young man that said he liked the way we prayed the first lesson we taught will teach hundreds to do the same in another land. Also, one family that moved from the area but that visits every once in a while says that they are attending the ward in another city and that is a very small branch. But for me, it doesn´t matter if it is small or big, if they just go to church and keep the commandments. Hopefully they can be sealed in the next few months because they are about to hit the year mark. Exciting huh?

One of the focuses of the new mission president is that we can be obedient and be better every day. That is my goal. I want to know that I am constantly becoming more like the Savior. I think many days we don’t recognize the small changes but the more time I have in the mission the more I realize that the Lord is shaping my character for future opportunities to serve. As for now my beloved family, do what is right and the Lord will always bless you! Sean, enjoy every moment. Be thankful for Mom and Dad (and for your siblings ha ha). We have choice parents. After meeting families in another part of the world, I can truthfully say that we are born of goodly parents. Give them a big hug before you leave! I have learned that Changes are like road signs that signal that growth is ahead.

Until next week,

Elder Grant Russell