Monday, July 19, 2010

The Baptismal Covenant ........week 62

Well I spent a ton of time sending photos and trying to get other things ready for the week today so I will have to make this email short.

This week we had a sweet experience with a stake activity we planned. We called the activity My Baptismal Covenant and we made a presentation of all of the photos of the recent converts from the stake with music and video. It turned out really well but it had its struggles. We had to do the project 3 times before it was all through and that is between spurts of lost information and the lights going out. but the people really liked it and the Mission President and Stake President spoke in the meeting. I felt the Lord was satisfied with our efforts.

As for the work, everything is great. There isn't a better cause to be engaged in. I invite us all to think of our past and it will surprise us how much the church and the gospel have influenced us. I know that whatever blessing I have received has been through obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel. I thank my Heavenly Father for giving me the great opportunity to serve Him and teach others the same.

In the Gospel Principles class this week we felt a great spirit and we had two more families come to church to listen. We should be able to see the fruits in the next few days and weeks of all the efforts we have putting in. Sean, it brings me an indescribable joy to know that you will be fighting in this cause no so very far away. I thank you for your example and may the Lord bless you for your service. Enjoy every minute. Oh and by the way, a sister missionary is leaving from Las Palmas, my ward right now and is reporting to the Provo MTC this week too. Keep an eye out for the sister. She knows me but I don't know how good her Spanish is. Anyway, maybe you'll see her and she say hi if she sees you. She goes to the Provo mission.

I love you all. May the Lord always watch over you and direct you.

I will always keep you posted...sorry for the short letter.

Elder Grant Russell