Sunday, August 8, 2010

I have grown leaps and bounds...I can make a difference........week 64

Sorry family for not having written yesterday. We had a crazy day with the planning of Sister Monestel´s birthday. We threw her a party and it was way fun but we didn't get done in time to write so I am writing from the office quick today.

As for the financier position, I am getting used to it...and to driving. It is still kind of nerve racking. I haven't had a whole lot of time yet to practice because we had a four day training meeting for the zone leaders this week that we had to plan for. It was a hectic week to say the least but it turned out real well.

This has been quite the week for me. It is so amazing what can happen in a week, We had so many lessons this week in which the investigators made significant progress and changes! Many committed to baptism and today we were able to bring a ton of investigators to church. There were three families and 20 people in all! It was a miraculous day indeed. I have seen so far how Lord follows through with His part if we do ours. Many of the people are preparing for baptism and it should be a great month for us in the ward.

I have been reflecting a lot this week about the changes that have come over me in my mission. I would have never been able to expect these types of changes. I feel more able to help in the Lord´s kingdom. Instead of a spectator, I am now a participant. I feel like I can make a difference with the help of the Lord. This has become even more apparent to me because I am in the same area in which I started. When I got to Nicaragua, I didn´t know how to help a ward grow. I didn´t know how to find new investigators and I couldn´t really help them live and keep commitments. From this perspective, I have grown leaps and bounds.

Each day I love the mission more and more and I can´t help but thank my Heavenly Father for the whole experience. I know that in my own strength I am weak but with my Lord on my side, I can do whatever He wants.

Miracles do exist right now. I see them daily. We have begun teach several families and it is amazing to see how the spirit directs us. We found new people by the spirit and they were able to come to church and loved it. There is no greater joy than to see a person put the gospel into practice and then see them receive the promised blessings. Here in the mission, I have realized that true joy comes from obedience to the gospel principles and I have seen some truly joyful people. You wouldn´t think they eat only rice and beans sleep on a dirt floor. The Lord is just so amazing!

The people here drop everything to hear the word of God. They talk about Him in the streets, in the market, they sing in churches on every corner almost every night and even the greetings have the name of our Father in Heaven. The familiar "adios" has within its own spelling the meaning of "go to God." But despite the common goal we all have I raise my voice to all of the world to say that the Lord Jesus Christ has one true church over the face of the Earth that He leads and directs and that is the Church of the Jesus Christ of latter day Saints. My testimony is confirmed daily when I testify. I think the easiest way of keeping your testimony strong is to be involved in missionary work. Those members are always stronger in my opinion.

May we build up the kingdom of God in all parts of His vineyard.

Elder Grant Russell

ps. I haven't received my package yet...Surely the package was lost by now but what I understand is that they can trace it by the number on the receipt. Maybe you could look for it and call the post office and send me the number too and we can find out if it ever got to Nicaragua.