Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Spirit changes People...a very humble people........week 67

It has been a great week! We have been really busy with some training meetings and the office has been a little more hectic. I have taken the ropes more this week as Elder Pulley has let me do the majority of the work. We have changes in less than two weeks so I have to get a hold of this quick since he will be leaving me.

Our investigators continue to progress leaps and bounds. This week we have two families prepared to be baptized and it is so special to hear of their testimonies. I am amazed at how the Lord is blessing us. Every day as we visit investigators, we ask them about sharing the gospel and they are already doing it! The spirit is making them want to share the gospel with their friends and family. Each week we have had investigators bring other investigators to the sacrament meetings. We had one investigator that we are preparing for baptism come with us to a few appointments. He even bore his testimony and invited another to church on the way. They are praying and reading the Book of Mormon together as a family. I just love missionary work…

Gloria bore a sweet testimony about the word of wisdom this week. While we talked about obeying this great commandment, she was amazed at her own progress. She said, ”Look at me! I have drunken coffee for over 30 years and now I am not doing it! I just don’t really want to.” Her husband seemed to be a little bit like a redwood at first but he has accepted to be baptized. God makes us all a little softer! The spirit changes people.

I guess that I am just grateful for all of these blessings from the Lord. I many times question my own worthiness of these blessings. I guess that He decides when to bless us. Our job is to be grateful and confess His hand in all things. Only He can carry the message to the people through His spirit and then open their hearts to receive it. We had several people this week come and ask us if they can get baptized. I feel like Ammon among the Lamanites. These people are so humble. I love them. I have never met a people so willing to give up all of their past and their sins to know the Lord. I cant really express adequately the love I have for them, but I try to show it.

I love you all. Thank you for what you do. Thanks for laboring diligently in the Lords vineyard. Whatever service we give is worth it in the end and we end up being of more worth to the Lord. May He bless you always and protect your every footstep.

Elder Grant Russell