Monday, April 5, 2010

Shall we not go forth in so great a cause?........week 47

After such a spiritual weekend, I don't know what more I could say to help add to your faith. I have been pondering over the themes from conference and I am always amazed to see how the talks coincide and we end up having the same goal and mind. That is what Christ teaches us in Ephesians, that He established the church so that we could all have the same faith and understanding of Christ. I think as the members of the worldwide church put in practice the teachings they heard this conference, we will be able to overcome many challenges.

I was particularly impressed by Elder Uchdorf´s talk about patience. I think He was talking to all of us. I liked how he said that it is impossible to gain eternal life and become like our Heavenly Father without it. In the mission so many things have helped me to build my patience: the members, my companions, my areas, myself. I have learned that Patience truly is a Godly characteristic and that we have acquire it by faith and obedience. Like Paul said, we have to seek after the things that are praiseworthy and of good report. I think we could all do well by trying to be a Little more patient.

I liked how the vast majority of the talks focused on families and how to teach our children. I like to apply these talks to my investigators. I have felt a great desire to build up my teaching in the last few weeks. My companion has more time than me in the mission ( the first time in 6 months) and so I have learned more from him. I am grateful for that. I hope to improve and am beginning again my study of the Book of Mormon and my lesson plans.

We had some difficulties with a few investigators this week. We last Sunday night at one man´s house to teach him and see how he had liked church. When we were there he was super excited. But over the course of 3 short days his reception of us had changed completely. We arrived Wednesday expecting to have a warm welcome and a list of questions to answer. We ended up only leaving with the questions, carefully written and scripted on a small piece of notebook paper and he didn´t receive us in the house. What he said instead was that he didn´t believe in our doctrine anymore. What a shock it was to us! We left a Little disanimated and disheartened but we continued to work. The mission is like that sometimes.

We continue to pray for him and the other investigators that we have. I ask that we might all ponder over the things that we heard in conference. Then I ask that we might ponder on the mercy of our God from the beginning as Moroni instructed. Then I would have you ask the question, ´´Shall we not go forth in so great a cause?´´ I am so grateful to Him for giving me this opportunity. I know that He lives and directs this work. He blesses us according to our faith.

Elder Grant Russell