Monday, April 19, 2010

Clay in the Potter's hand........week 49

Precept upon precept. Line upon line. It is wonderful to receive the quiet guidance of the spirit in the mission to make the necessary changes in my life. I was having a few challenges at the beginning of this last week and I felt like the Lord was telling me that I had to change in several ways. I pondered and meditated and finally I prayed late into the night pleading with the Lord that He would help me to make changes.

I got up in the morning the next day and I felt like I had received direction, but it wasn't complete. Many times in life we receive only the "what" to the problem and not the "how". I still pondered about how I could resolve the problem now that I had pinpointed it. As I ate lunch that day, I began talking with a member of the Ward and in the end, he ended up giving me a whole bunch of advice about what I could change to be a better missionary. I realized that the Lord had answered my prayer through him. So I went forward with the goal in mind. But it wasn't the end of my pursuit to know what I wanted. I asked the Lord if the counsel I had received was true and if He accepted my plan. I felt it was right but He confirmed my desires in a way even more clear a few days later.

We had our multi zone conference with President Fraatz this week and he said so many things and I felt like they were directed to me exactly. I felt like precept upon precept the Lord had led me to receive my revelation. I have to come to know better how the Lord answers prayers and gives revelation. He gives a Little and then waits to see if we act. If we act, He trusts us with the answer. If we are faithful in making the changes, He confirms the answer with a spiritual experience. That is why Moroni always talks about the miracle after the trial of our faith.

In that Multi zone conference, I felt a greater desire to change. The lessons about teaching and questions gave me further guidance about how I could be a better missionary. I was left to think about my mission and the things that I am accomplishing. The president has always told us that we will never achieve a higher obedience level in our life tan what we accomplish in the mission. He invited us to raise the bar and try harder to achieve a new level of obedience. He shared with us how in his mission the he worked himself like crazy and when he arrived at the temple after his mission he reported his offering to the Lord. Then he explained how he had Heard the voice of the Lord say to him 创now I will show you what I will do for you.创 The president is a great example of obedience and leadership and I pray that the Lord will find my service pleasing to Him as well.

I realize that I am not perfect and that the Lord is shaping me right now so that I can be a better leader in the future. I just hope and pray that He can say of my sacrifice in the mission, "well done." At the end of all things, I do what I do because I love the Lord.

We have been receiving many blessings this week with our family investigators and we brought two families to church this week. We hope to continue teaching them and then be able to help them be baptized. I thank the Lord for all that He gives me.

Thank you for your examples. I am so proud to know that you all serve the Lord. Tyler, congratulations and good luck in your graduation. I would love to be there. Sean, enjoy your last week at school and say goodbye to your friends at school. Keep in touch with them. They are friends forever if you keep them for now. Say hi to all of the family and you are in my prayers.

May the Lord guide you line upon line and precept upon precept in your lives. May you find joy in the journey and have an assurance of the Lord's acceptance of your sacrifice. May we all be able to say to the Lord, "I am clean, I am clean."

Elder Grant Russell

I got my package and everything was great! I am eating candy like crazy and I am excited that my piano books came too. The speakers work out perfectly and the medicine should last me for awhile. I have been using my new contacts from Dr. England and I think those will be the best choice. You can go ahead and order those. I will also need new contact solution (preferably the big bottle or two) and another Neutrogena 70 spf sunscreen. It helps me a ton to not get burned. It comes in a silver bottle and I use it every day. I have enough to last a Little while longer but I will wait for it in my next package.