Monday, April 26, 2010

The Plan of Happiness........week 50

Jumping for Joy

You all look like you had a fun week…paragliding and all. Wow...I am glad that everyone had a good time. I see that the graduation went well. Congrats Tyler for stickin it out and you finally wont have to worry about homework so much.

As for Nicaragua, it has been a little bit sweaty. We reached some pretty high temperatures this week but that doesn´t stop us from working hard. The President talked with us this week about Repentance and we are working with the Zone right now to complete the goals they have set. We had a few interesting happenings this week. About 50 future missionaries from the coast came for preparation for their calls. They have time to have dental checkups from members from the States giving service. They also have firesides etc and we were in charge of caring for them in the mean time...housing them and all. We had some late nighters this week with the difficulty of finding members at the last minute who could help. In the end, everything has gone well.

Along with that subject, I got a surprise call from a friend back home who happened to be here in Nicaragua with the Dentists....Chase Moffat. Small world huh? He called me on the AP´s phone and we talked for about 5 minutes. What a small world in the church. I think I had a mom moment there ha ha.

Chase Moffat in Nicaragua? In Grant's mission...Surprise!

I have really felt a difference this week as I have come to repent of my weaknesses. I remember how the President talked about how repentance in one word is change. I thought about the things that are still hard for me and I decided to just change. I have realized that when I am completely obedient and faithful in completely with the goals, the Lord blesses me with the spirit and confidence that He is pleased with me. The President has always had high goals and so many times we have to raise our faith to meet those goals. I pray that I can continue to strengthen my faith.

I have an appreciation for the Plan of Salvation because this week I have realized how much peace the knowledge of this plan brings. What other church promises eternal families and has the power and plan to accomplish it. What other church teaches of the redemption of the dead and the clarity of the saving ordinances now. The Lord is so loving that He doesn´t want even one of His children to perish.

Mom, you are right when you say that in our family we have a lot to enjoy. I feel like our family is very blessed. I know that it is because we have put the Lord first and that we have strived to be obedient.

I can confidently say that the Lord is helping now to make necessary changes in my life. I can say that I am finding joy in the journey. I am more grateful for what He has given me and I am making needed adjustments in my life. I love who President Monson explained that in life there is nothing more constant than change. I know that in the change we learn and grow. I rejoice in the testimony that Bryon gave. I too join in the chorus saying that the mission is the best place. It is the MTC of Life. I am learning things here that shape my character and prepare my spirit for the future. I will continue to serve always. I love you all so much.

Elder Grant Russell