Monday, February 22, 2010

Visit from Elder Clayton........week 41

So family it has been a great week for us here in Matagalpa. We have felt the blessings of the Lord as we have worked with our investigators. We are seeing the fruits of diligent efforts to teach the investigators. We have begun to see the seedlings of testimonies flourish and it is just miraculous.

We met with a young catholic woman this week that we have been teaching for more than 2 months. In Nicaragua many missionaries don’t stick with investigators for more than a few weeks if they don’t go to church but I just have felt that she will progress from the beginning. We talked about her reading of the Book of Mormon and she told us of how she felt. She said that it was great and that she felt good reading it. We asked her if she had prayed about it and our visits and then we simply asked her if she believed that what we had been teaching was true. Her response, if I didn’t think it was true I wouldn’t have received you! The spirit filled the room as we talked about how her response was a sure one and that she was beginning a path and journey that would be difficult but worthwhile. We asked her if she understood what her answer really meant. She said she would have to make some serious changes in her life. We talked about how Peter and Andrew had to make a critical decision in their life when Christ invited them to leave their boats and nets and families. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted and the spirit was so strong. She understood and we were all edified and rejoiced one with another.

Another great thing happened this week. A man named Yader came to church for the first time and he loved it. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and will get baptized but he just wants to know a lot before he is baptized. We are trying to focus our teaching in the long term Nicaragua.

This week Elder Clayton of the presidency of the seventy came to see us and he gave us a bunch of helpful council. I really liked how he talked about thinking about how Nicaragua should be in 10 or 20 years because how we teach and baptize right now will make the difference in years to come. He congratulated us for our success in baptizing and in splitting the mission but committed us to work with more fervor. I thought about his words and I am committed to give a little bit more. At one point in the meeting with the leaders in the mission, he put his hands on my shoulders for like a whole minute. I was a little bit nervous. He talked about repentance and giving all of our heart to God. I really loved his comments. It was cool to be in the presence of a man that gets to meet with the prophet on a weekly basis. He really knows it. I know it too. My testimony is growing every day. The spirit just fills my being and my understanding of the gospel plan and of God gives me a greater appreciation for His wisdom and mercy. I truly stand all amazed at what he proffers me. I know that He lives.

Elder Russell