Monday, February 15, 2010

I am on the Lord's side........week 40

Well that is a pretty sweet way of spending Valentines day! What a deal that was! It makes me happy to know that all are well and that they are having the time of their lives in their respective places.

This week has been another week of huge changes for me! First off, we had changes and my companion Elder Polanco left. My new companion is Elder Escobar from Guatemala. He has a whole 5 days in the mission ha ha. We are learning together I guess. I now have a great responsibility to help this Elder as he makes the adjustments needed to be an effective tool in the Lords hand.

We had several difficult experiences this week. We continue to find positive people but our problem right now seems to be in getting them to church. We have several very strong influences from other religions in our area and many people aren’t too open to going to another church. Some are reading the Book of Mormon and feel that it is true so that is a huge step in the right direction. At the same time we had some unfortunate encounters this week. For example, we had a very positive investigating lady almost drop the lessons because we came to visit her at a time we hadn’t designated. I just stopped by to see how she was doing and she freaked out. But we calmed her down and we are going by tonight. I pray that the spirit will soften her heart tonight so that she doesn’t turn us away.

We also figured out who the new presidents will be in the missions in June this week. One is from Guatemala and the other is from Costa Rica. It will be interesting to see what kinds of changes they make in Nicaragua when they get here.

This morning we were talking as a zone about the different problems that other religions have and how much apostasy they have in their doctrines and I sat back and realized how grateful I was for the restored church today that gives us the fullness of the gospel and in beautiful simplicity. I know that the church is true! I can feel it every waking moment and I know that what we do is worth the effort. I feel like such a weak instrument in His hands and when I have success I know that it isn’t me. I was particularly impressed today as I was studying in John 3. I was reading about how John the Baptist humbly submitted his calling to the Lord acknowledging with all his heart that the Lord had a greater calling and authority. Even though he had many disciples and followers, not even an ounce of pride entered his heart and he wasn’t jealous of how his disciples left his side for the side of the Greater One. He too was on His side.

I want to be on His side. I am on the Lords side and I know that He is my strength. I love Him. Please remember what He has done for you. I love you all and thanks for always supporting me.

Elder Grant Russell

About the contacts, I think it would be best if you sent me the same prescription that I had before from Costco. The glasses that you sent me from Dr. England for some reason seem weird. I don’t know if the prescription is right.