Monday, February 8, 2010

The Best NEWS in Nicaragua!........week 39

So family we had groundbreaking news come in this week! If mom has been on missionary moms I bet there will have been rumors there. The mission has been working hard and the Lord has set His sights on blessing the people here in Nicaragua in even greater ways. Let’s just say that when President Fraatz leaves in June, we are going to have two new mission presidents!!! They are going to split the mission! Everyone here is pumped and excited. We are seeing historical times here in Nicaragua. A ton of new missionaries will be coming to Nicaragua in the next few changes to compensate for the opening of many areas and even zones. Imagine that! The Lord is going to be able to carry forth His message to even more corners of the earth, starting with Nicaragua. For example, this change 20 new people come. Next change come 40ish. Then even more are going to come to be trained in the new mission. They are going to have 2 groups of office elders and 2 presidents. We are all really excited to see what happens.

With this news, the entire mission has a hunger to obey the Lord and to work hard. I have been rejuvenated in my desire to serve. I want to be more obedient. This is a huge step toward having a temple here. They announced two new stakes in Nicaragua…one in Managua and one more, in Matagalpa. The Lord helped us complete the goal. Now we are just awaiting the final news but there should be a stake here in June or so. How exciting right? I feel so blessed to have been a part of something. But all the missionaries are doing there parts. There are elders that are baptizing by the dozens and it is just so cool to see the hand of the Lord in the work.

This week we had so many spiritual experiences in finding people. The people here in Nicaragua are prepared. For example, we found a lady last night that was so interested she almost cried. She told us about the questions and doubts she had had in her religion and how she had asked her Father in Heaven to guide her in her search for the true church. That is pretty amazing because in Nicaragua the majority of the people think that you can assist any church if you just obey the commandments. But we told her about the book of Mormon and now we are going to see how she accepts her answer from the lord.

Well, I am happy to hear the family is doing well. May God bless you all. I know the letter is short but I plan on sending a few photos to compensate. Take care. Work hard. And dad (and mom), if you go to Europe, take good pictures haha! That is so cool!

Elder Grant Russell

P.S. thanks for the news about doing the blog. I really like that idea. Try to post on my facebook the direction so my friends and family can see it. I am going to need contacts in my next box I think. Just an update.