Friday, May 20, 2011

Off to see the Stake President....May 20

Since Grant returned late last night, he is being released as a missionary today. Then he will speak at the Friday Forum at the Institute of Religion at Southern Oregon University. We will attend the Medford Oregon temple, and maybe catch a nap in between.

Taking upon His name...

Adjusting to jet lag, the emotions of the past 24 hrs....and dreaming of the mission
(where he really wants to be right now).
At the Medford Oregon Temple with Grandma Turner

Grant has been FREEZING since he got off the plane last night. (Notice the slippers)

Funny story...on our way home from the airport last night, as he was glancing out the window, he said it is soooo cold, it feels like it's going to snow.

It was after midnight, we looked at the temperature was 71 degrees....we had a good laugh.

Mind you it was 100 degrees in's hot even at night.