Monday, May 2, 2011

I found Myself in the Service of the Lord........week 103

Hernandez Familia

Claudia's Baptism

Hey there family,

It has been another great week. I am thankful everyday for the opportunity
to serve and represent the Lord. I have learned several important lessons
this last week. Let me fill you in on the work here.

First off, it has been SUPER HOT here!!! I think all of my head is burnt. I
will be happy if all my hair doesn´t burn off before this month is over
ha ha. I think most days have been over 100 and it just seems like the sun is
closer here. I just thought I would be use to this by now. But it is worth

The work is going forward. We had a wonderful meeting on Sunday. Claudia got
up to bear her testimony in church and thanked the Lord for showing her the
true way. She also brought a friend to church. It has been a week of
miracles with the families we are teaching. We are preparing approximately 3
families to be baptized right now...we are under the wire to finish before
the changes are over. I would like to see them baptized. With a little faith
and a lot of prayer it will happen. Please pray for these families so that
they might receive the gospel.

We also have had some of the most spiritual lessons this week with our
investigators. The words have just flowed into our mouths as we testify
particularly of the restoration. I have come to love that message even more.
I really know that it is true! Even if they don't accept the message right
now, but I know that the message is true nonetheless.

I was thinking particularly this week about my personally identity and how
it has changed since coming on the mission. I marveled as I remembered a
time in the mission when I literally didn´t know who I was...I had forgotten
myself. I didn´t think about home, my life before, I think I even forgot my
name. As I passed through that experience, my cares began to change and I no
longer feel like I worry about who I life purpose is clearly
defined. Christ summed it all up when he said,

“he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it” Matthew 10:39

I have found myself in the service of the Lord. My past is redeemed, my
present has meaning and my future is secure. I know that the greatest call
is to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is my call. I finish the
mission with the determination to serve the Lord every way
possible. Truly there is no greater call than to represent the Lord.

Elder Grant Russell