Monday, June 8, 2009

NICARAGUA part 1...departing the MTC......week 4

So what to tell, what to tell? A lot has happened since we last talked via email. He he. I snuck out on all of you without knowing! So I will give you an update.

I left the MTC at 3 am on Monday morning so I could arrive in the Salt Lake Airport and be ready for a 6 am flight. It was pretty early, but my excitement kind of made it doable. I then proceeded to fly to Dallas-Fort Knox, then to Miami and then to Florida. I am so sorry we missed each other in the airport. I would have talked longer on the phone with Sean but I didn't know when my plane would board so I just thought I would be there early. My boarding pass said I needed to be there an hour early so I just played it safe. Sorry everyone. Plus those toll phones are really expensive!

During the flight to Miami, I was able to have an hour and a half discussion about the church with the person next to me. I hoped that would happen! I just love sharing the gospel and such =) I gave her a Book of Mormon and testified of its truthfulness. Oh boy, my first baptism! Lol.

The whole situation at the MTC seems pretty serious. I guess there were 7 confirmed cases of swine flu there when I left. I must have just made it through. I actually had a slight sore throat when I left so I was kind of worried, but I made it! I feel terrible for the missionaries that got it...I heard they got sent home.

Overall, the MTC experience was great. Looking back on it now, I see its purpose and benefit. I really enjoyed my time there even though sometimes I thought I wasn't enjoying myself. Sorry I haven't sent pictures or anything yet, I am going to try and do that today if I have time. Sorry Joy about not being there to receive my package and letter. I appreciate your kindness and love! My other companions were scheduled to leave the MTC Tuesday so I hope that everything worked out okay. I feel really terrible for the missionaries in my zone going to Mexico. When i left, they had already been there 10 weeks and with two more weeks of delay they could very well have learned Cantanese.

But then I arrived in Nicaragua!