Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update on Elder Aroche

Hi Grant, (June 22 Tuesday)
I wanted to send you an update. I received an email from Sis. Paula Glasset whose husband was one of the dentists that came to Nicaragua. I have cut and pasted the emails in order so you can see the responses. Sis. Glasset send a photo as well I will send on.

Message June 16th
Thank you so much for the photo. I was just thinking about that trip (dentists) on Monday when I wrote to Elder Grant Russell. I had emailed Sis. Sheila Kunz about the trip since she is on missionary moms with me when she mentioned she had gone on the trip. She shared with me about Chase Moffat. He is a family friend, and in our home ward. It was fun to hear of the trip. I was wondering if anyone knew the happenings of Elder Aroche. He was Grant's companion that had to go home because of the mass found on the xray of his jaw. I was hoping to contact the DR. and get an update so I can let Grant know. Do you know who it was?
Thank you again for the photo.
Vicki Russell
Medford, OR

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 11:30 AM

Sorry for the delay. I wanted to get an update for you on Elder Aroche before I responded. Here is an excerpt from an email I received from Lesa Peers. (Dr. Wade Peers is the oral surgeon that preformed the surgery). What an amazing experience and what great blessings came from the service in Nicaragua.

Ricardo is doing great! He is just like a part of our family now and it will be hard to say goodbye on Wednesday ( tomorrow June 23 he heads back to the misson) when he goes back, but he is so excited, it's hard not to be happy for him! He has been healing very well and Wade feels like he is ready. He will have his last appt. today (Tuesday) for a final check up and then leaves SLC at 7am on Wed.. He found out last night that he will now be in the Managua NORTH mission, as the mission is splitting at the end of the month. President Fraatz is also being released as his mission president at the same time and it will be big changes and a bit sad for him--but he is ready to get to work and be a missionary again! He is such a trooper! It has been a true privilege to have him in our home for 6 weeks--he has brought the sweetest spirit and taught us much. What a wonderful young man he is.

I have forwarded the update to Elder Hanks, one the AP's, in hopes that he will let the other Elders know of the status of Elder Aroche. There are a great bunch of American missionaries down there. It was super fun to visit with them.

With love,
Paula Glassett

Grant, I was able to get the phone # of Bro. Peers, and left a message for Elder Aroche on their home phone. Unfortunately I didn't get to talk to him directly, but sent our love and best wishes to him over the message machine. I told him how grateful I am as a mother for his service with you. He is excited to return to the mission. I hope you will be able to see him before the mission split at the end of the month. He will return tomorrow, so that's exciting. I am going to run, but wanted you to know if case you hadn't gotten the news. Talk to you in the next letter...Monday...