Monday, June 14, 2010

Hidden Treasures........week 57

This week has been very great! We have received many blessings and the spirit has been there with me to help me learn a few more lessons.
I really liked a quote and saying that I heard. "There are three types of people (missionaries) in this world: those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those that ask themselves when all is said and done "what happened?" It made me laugh at least. I decided that I wanted to be more like the first group, those that make things happen.
In Zone Meeting on Tuesday I felt very strongly the guide of the spirit to help share with the missionaries the message they needed. We talked about having hope. One of the lessons and attributes of Christ I have learned this week I have called 100 believer! It is to put the best outcome as the goal instead of the worst possible outcome. It is to have faith and hope in the future instead of having pessimistic planning: the "if everything goes wrong" type of way to approach things. I shared with the zone how many times we as zone leaders would report a certain number to the mission for baptism possibilities but have a higher number prepared.

Miraculously, it seemed like the number I reported almost always dropped down to the number reported beforehand. It is almost if the Lord gave us according to our faith in our reported number. Then I thought about how God´s work and glory (his goal) is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of (all) man and being as such has set a pretty high goal. What would happen if it said instead in the scriptures ´´the immortality and eternal life of a few or some man.?´ I think we would have a little less outcome if God wasn´t a 100 percent believer. That is faith and hope. I decided to be like that.
Another lesson learned was about how the hidden treasures that God gives by obeying the word of wisdom could very likely be correlated with receiving blessings of the gospel such as baptism and temple blessings. That is something I learned in the process of teaching. I felt like in the Lord had blessed me for having studied diligently the scriptures and that I received what i needed to say in exactly that moment. It is a really cool experience.
I love you all. Thanks for all the letters last week for my birthday. It was a great one and I couldn´t ask for more support from my family and friends. May the Lord always be on your right side and on your left and may He have his angels round about you to strengthen you up.
Elder Grant Russell