Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Going forth to Serve...a mother's view

His bags are packed, he's ready to go...
look out Nicaragua...Elder Russell's on his way!

That's where I'm going....back to Provo.
Grant with his brothers, one last photo...
Love you brother, see you in 3 years!

The day started early, his bags were packed, and reality of 2 years away hit home. As a mother you prepare them their whole life waiting for the time that your sons can make the decision to serve a missionary for the Lord. You watch them grow, start school, reach the age of 8 and get baptized, receive the priesthood, pass the sacrament, bless the sacrament, start driving, dating, and go off to college only to return shortly before leaving again to serve a mission. You know you want it to be this way, but the heart strings are pulled ever so tight, as you try to hold back the tears, give hugs that will last for 2 years, and say your good byes, trusting that the Lord will take care of them. Trying to be strong and let them know you love them, support them, and pray for them daily. I am so thankful that Grant, along with his brothers, have made righteous choices allowing them to be worthy to be missionaries for the Lord. Grant may you be obedient to the mission rules, take advantage of this great gift you've been given, work until the day you come home, and listen to the spirit as you become an instrument in His hands. He will return a far better man and will be molded by the Lord to become whom he wants him to be. The morning breaks, the shadow flee....
Hurrah for Israel! Be faithful! Lord please protect him.
I don't care how much you prepare for this day,
this final goodbye is always hard.There he goes, see you in 2 years Elder Russell.
Adios Senor!